• Be All You Can Be – For a life of quality and fulfilment

  • Presence + Passion = Purpose (creating a compelling future)

  • Six Psychological Human Needs and Core Values

  • Design and Create your Chosen ‘Well-Formed’ Outcome

The personal development workshop topics are: Knowing your passions, to live aligned with your purpose in life. Realising and exploring your six psychological human needs and core values. Shifting the blocks holding you back from achieving and being ‘All You Can Be’.

Taking fear out, to allow for the flow. It’s the only way to move forward.

The aim of these workshops is: To help people regardless of age, gender, marital status or culture. Through a variety of fun, relaxed, safe and often enlightening techniques and strategies taught, will come new awareness, healing and growth.


Presence + Passion + Purpose = Fulfilment

This workshop is designed to help you discover your passions, strengths, skills and purpose. To ‘BE ALIGNED’ for a life of quality and fulfilment. What spins your wheels, floats your boat, rocks your world, gets your juices flowing?  Tap into that involuntary thing that stirs you, touches you, melts you. Know your six psychological human needs, and core values. Realise what’s getting in the way, of you ‘being all you can be’ and why? Shift it. Get on track. Live your truth today. Find out what that is.


The 6 Human Needs

These are the following six needs we all have:

  1. Certainty – the need to be safe and comfortable

  2. Variety – the need for physical and mental stimulation

  3. Significance – the need to feel special and worthy of attention

  4. Love & Connection – the need to be loved and connected to others

  5. Growth – the need to develop and expand

  6. Contribution – the need to contribute beyond yourself

Now the fun part… which two of the six human needs do you value most? By discovering what drives you, you can more easily understand your past decisions as well as be more proactive in the decisions you make regarding your future. If you have a spouse or significant other, take a guess at which needs drive them. By knowing this, you’ll be in a MUCH better position to give them what they not only want, but need.


Design and Create your Chosen ‘Well-Formed’ Outcome

Introducing Strategic Intervention and NLP tools, techniques and strategies into schools, groups and businesses. This is a fun, informal format that has been developed to teach the power of positive alternatives, in our choice of words and to expose another way of thinking. Expanding possibilities, designing the future of each individual and teaching the art of finding solutions. Most importantly the unconventional concept, “if money didn’t matter what would you most like to do” and how to do that instead of ‘ a job’ that which you don’t like.


Imagine if we replaced the words “it’s hard” with “it’s not easy”. ‘EASY’ being the operative word – the focus is on ‘easy’ – the unconscious mind is very obedient, hence we need to be specific.


The outcome is vastly different from what it would be if we said the positive alternative.

1-1 Coaching - One hour session

1-1 Coaching - One hour session

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“I felt really mentally ‘stuck’ in a work situation and couldn’t seem to make any kind of clear decision. I felt fragmented and a bit fearful of making changes. Julia was very respectful, gentle and encouraging in her manner and after just one session I felt completely empowered and reassured about following my heart and moving forward toward the changes I needed to make, to achieve my goals.

I would absolutely recommend Julia”

— Erin Callanan

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