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Methods for dealing with stress, anxiety, change and anything that is holding you back from personal growth.

STRATEGIC INTERVENTION COACHING  (SI) is designed to develop a practical method for taking action in a strategic way to get things done.  It also incorporates strategies to ensure human needs are fulfilled and elevated.

Strategic Intervention exists wherever human beings use extraordinary skills to bring about positive and personal change. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi are examples of masterful Strategic Interventionists.

What distinguishes SI from other strategic studies, is the belief that certain holistic solutions "snap into place" when more people's needs are met, expressed and elevated.

SI solutions are based on the principle of growth and contribution, and any change when it is reinforced by these principles not only "sticks", but goes on to positively influence hundreds of other people.

These solutions actually deliver more benefit, for less effort.

NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) encompasses the 3 most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming.  The neurological system regulates how our bodies function,  language determines how we interface and communicate with other people, and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.

NLP is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioural competence and flexibility.  It also involves strategic thinking and understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behaviour.

NLP provides tools and skills for the development of states of individual excellence and also establishes a system of empowering beliefs and presuppositions. 

NLP is not only about competence and excellence, it is about wisdom and vision.

HUMANISTIC NEURO-LINGUISTIC PSYCHOLOGY (HNLP) is the art and science of being your best.  It is a powerful methodology and philosphy that helps you overcome the obstacles and habits that prevent you from performing optimally.  It allows the ability to identify how the language of others, whether verbal or non verbal, as well as their behaviour, has influenced you and formed your map of reality.  It helps you resolve your own limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, negative reactions and destructive behaviours.

HNLP also provides the skills to attract fulfilling personal and/or professional relationships as well as constructive ways to improve challenged relationships.

HNLP values the interconnection between people and life at large. It recognises that as humans there are more to us than what we are aware of and that we are more controlled by what we don't know than by what we do know.

Havening Techniques ® - To Western eyes, to watch pain instantly disappear, long-standing problems resolve and disturbing memories fade into the irretrievable past is nothing short of astonishing.

This method is called Havening Techniques ®. Havening, the transitive verb of the word haven, means to put into a safe place. While some forms of this approach have been around for decades, many mental health professionals remain skeptical given that it involves no medication, talking or prolonged exposure.

Havening has the unique ability to be just an effective online as it is in person. If you are feeling stressed or have particular issues you would like additional support with, remember that Julia is just one call or Zoom connection away. Such as;

  • Anxiety

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Medical trauma

  • Physical pain

  • Public speaking 

  • Fear of snakes

  • Grief reduction

  • Back Pain

  • Fear of falling

  • Being hopeful

  • Building resilience

  • Becoming more confident

Havening Techniques ® are a radical new and evolving form of scientific therapy that helps permanently treat and heal traumas, anxiety and phobias as well as to create positive alterations in our brain to enhance wellness and resilience. They are a type of psychosensory therapy, meaning applying a sensory touch to produce a response (electro-chemical) that literally heals and positively alters our mind (psyche).

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