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“I felt really mentally ‘stuck’ in a work situation and couldn’t seem to make any kind of clear decision. I felt fragmented and a bit fearful of making changes. Julia was very respectful, gentle and encouraging in her manner and after just one session I felt completely empowered and reassured about following my heart and moving forward toward the changes I needed to make, to achieve my goals.

I would absolutely recommend Julia”

— Erin Callanan

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No matter who you are or the circumstances into which you are born, life is one heck of a ride! 


Three decades of navigating her own life and being fascinated by those around her doing the same thing, led Julia to train as a Stress Relief Coach and Educator.  Now, with more than ten years’ experience, Julia’s fascination remains intact and she truly finds her purpose in helping others to retain (or reclaim) the spirit, grit and joyfulness that she believes are the key ingredients for a life of fulfilment, balance and connection.

Julia is particularly interested in equipping people with techniques to deal with life’s curveballs on their own.  She knows that everyone has the resources within themselves to come back stronger and better from testing times.  They just need a little instruction.


Julia is an expert in Strategic Intervention Coaching (SI) and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and uses both

extensively in her work.  She is also skilled at stress management and finding strategies to relieve stress immediately for a healthier, more productive daily life.  

Working with all age groups, she has developed a life coaching programme for adolescent students, on-line courses for teachers and SENCOS. Also, Julia has created a Stress Relief Strategies workshop, educating people with techniques and strategies to minimise anxiety and other pressures of life. She is passionate about supporting and equipping others with a greater understanding of how and why we are the way we are and ways to develop ourselves. 

“With peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, life is a roller coaster ride,

the rise and fall of which defines our journey. It is both scary and exciting at the same time.”