This coaching equips you to realise more about yourself and teaches strategies that you can use on the spot, in the company of others (even though they don't know it), plus the abillity to show others how to reduce stress/overwhelm, to enhance a sense of well-being.


Building emotional resilience is possible when limited beliefs are exposed, revealing habits that don't serve well. Understanding the power of self-talk and the difference it makes when replaced with positive/alternate choice of words, allowing a completely different outcome. Is what you're saying to yourself really true? Something to think about, you can change the course of your life with how you think.



Online Coaching - Phone or Zoom/Skype

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    “I felt really mentally ‘stuck’ in a work situation and couldn’t seem to make any kind of clear decision. I felt fragmented and a bit fearful of making changes. Julia was very respectful, gentle and encouraging in her manner and after just one session I felt completely empowered and reassured about following my heart and moving forward toward the changes I needed to make, to achieve my goals.

    I would absolutely recommend Julia”

    — Erin Callanan

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