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Build student confidence, resilience and awareness in choices and boundaries through this 10 lesson Life Skills programme, including a Facilitator's Guide.


Originally designed for approximate Intermediate level but by popular request has been adapted for younger students also.


Sample lesson available:


Julia Taylor-James is also facilitating these lessons personally online every Monday at:


  • 9am for those home schooling to start the day with Life Skills

  • 4.30pm a fun way to learn after a day at school to chill out

  • 7pm for parents who’d like to participate, a bonding experience


These programmes are designed to:


  • Coach students to be more aware and prepared for life

  • Develop confidence, resilience and understanding to make wise choices

  • Realise and understand boundaries

  • Know themselves and better understand others


Once the access has been purchased, Julia will be in touch in the next 1-3 business days, to arrange access to the programme and booking into Life HACS LIVE.




What a delight to read this Tool Kit For Life!


It is targeting the Years 4- 8 learner level and there are moments when teachers can benefit as well. Inside is a lesson plan, activities that include visual, audial and digital. There are clear objectives, opportunities for self-assessment and feedback, within the class. The class plan includes a space for critical thinking which helps people to ‘own’ the learning.


This inclusive program concludes with the offer of a certificate for learners, as a demonstration of achievement. Whanau are invited to participate in the celebration. 


Fun, interactive learning which also appropriately addresses the topic.


Well done Julia!

- Marie Thornton,

- Adult Tutor for literacy and numeracy.



Life HACS 10 Lesson Programme - per student

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