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Julia Taylor-James offers a range of friendly and approachable life coaching services aimed to help with:

  • Getting on with that which you were born for

  • Working in role/job/career that you’re suited to and love

  • Greater relationships with all those who matter to you

  • Healing your younger self

  • Inspiration, productivity, fulfilment, self-belief and worth

  • And anything else you can bring for change and ease

How would your life be, if you were able to leave your own limitations behind you?


What if a coaching experience would completely change your life for the better? Showing opportunities and possibilities, instead of just giving one direction. The ultimate choice is up to you.


Why do you keep putting off, clarifying your purpose, knowing your direction, getting to know the rest of you deep down?


When are you going to prioritise your wellbeing, stress relief, personal growth and inner peace?

1 : 1 coaching or ZOOM 

Book a free 15 minute call here.

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About Julia

Three decades of navigating her own life and being fascinated by those around her doing the same thing, lead Julia to qualify as a Master Practitioner NLP and Strategic Intervention Coach.


Now with more than a decade's experience in this profession, Julia has truly found her purpose in helping others to retain (or reclaim) the spirit, resilience and gratitude that she believes are the key ingredients for a life of fulfillment, balance and ease.


Recently I had my first session with Julia, I instantly felt at ease and very comfortable talking with Julia about what area I was seeking help and guidance.  After just one hour with Julia I felt something had shifted, the techniques and strategies she used were like nothing I had experienced before combined together in one session.

I felt lighter and even got out of my own way and achieved the first steps to getting my new business started! Something I had long been procrastinating on! 


Yes I have another session booked in which I am so looking forward to what we can shift, and unlike other people I have worked with/seen in the past, I know that I am not going to need weeks and weeks on end of sessions, but rather a few sessions as each challenge arises and I feel I need some help pushing through. 


Finally I have found someone who has so many years of experience and education who combines several techniques and strategies together that I felt instant results!


I highly recommend booking a session in with Julia, I know as I grow my team in my business I will be connecting them with Julia to keep them working at the top of their game.

So much love and respect for this woman!  - Joni.

Book a free 15 minute call here.

Need some external guidance?

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