Coaching for Students


Build student' s confidence, resilience and awareness in choices and boundaries through this 10 lesson programme.

      Designed for the approximate age of Intermediate level students though adapted for all ages to:


  • Coach students to be more aware and prepared for life

  • Develop confidence and understanding to make wise choices

  • Realise and understand boundaries

  • Know themselves and better understand others




"The kids in my home base really enjoy the conversations we have had during Julia's Life Hacs course. Growing up in a world where well being is part of their education, I have been really impressed with the discussions we have had about growth mindset, positive self talk, choices and values. I recommend Life Hacs for any teacher who wants to help kids develop their sense of self in the world.  Julia's value-for-money lessons are easy to follow, the content is prescriptive yet flexible (for those of us who have been teaching a while!) and they hold the interest of the students. Give them a go, and be impressed by your students' soft skills!" - Niki Stephenson - Learning Advisor

"I really like these lessons because they have a good meaning. They teach people to have self-confidence and they teach people that what they think matters and will affect what they do. I have learned a lot from these lessons and always look forward to them". - Anon - Student

 "My name Sumayyah and I really like these classes because they help me believe​ in myself and they teach me not to be      negative but positive". - Student




  • Julia Taylor-James is currently personally facilitating online workshops through Zoom for up to 25 children at a time

  • Teacher/Learning Advisors facilitate the 30-40 minute lessons, supported by a Life HACS facilitator’s guidebook 

  • Lessons include a short film on each topic, and a workbook (in either a digital file or printed format), containing visual, audio and kinaesthetic educational activities and tools to create new neural pathways 

  • Click here to view sample lesson  




  • Audio and visual files are accessible from the online Life HACS members’ area by secure log-in, once purchased or an annual arrangement has been made




  • ​Digital workbooks for students

  • A facilitator’s guide, which links lessons to key curriculum components

  • A personal introduction from the author, Julia Taylor-James

  • Access to the audio and visual files from the secure Life HACS area

  • Posters as visual content reminders to display in classrooms

  • Completed workbooks available to download for each student

  • An online course for teachers is also available for a small extra fee




  • $10 per student per lesson and/or family subsidy

  • Alternatively, annual lease option based on class numbers in school


Life HACS 10 Lesson Programme - per student



   Contact Julia on +64 27 239 8131 or

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“I felt really mentally ‘stuck’ in a work situation and couldn’t seem to make any kind of clear decision. I felt fragmented and a bit fearful of making changes. Julia was very respectful, gentle and encouraging in her manner and after just one session I felt completely empowered and reassured about following my heart and moving forward toward the changes I needed to make, to achieve my goals.

I would absolutely recommend Julia”

— Erin Callanan

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