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Do you need to change your ‘STATE’ (of mind)?

We all have days where we are not entirely in our best form, though for some people that is rare. On that day you may feel flat, agitated or any number of other emotions. Such as, not like yourself or unwell in the body, even if you don’t recognise it as the result of an emotion. This can range from feeling despondent, discouraged, enraged, teary and so on.

You may be surprised to realise, this would happen less frequently or rarely, if you changed your state. Whatever it is, YOU can change this state, behaviour and language, for a different outcome that will serve you well.

Ironically, it’s the perfect time to notice what is going on within you (albeit the last thing you may feel like at the time). It’s an opportunity for you to learn about yourself and ask if it’s a trigger (your pattern) or story you’ve been living for years perhaps?

Equip yourself with life tools, that will help you go forward for a more meaningful life.

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