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How often do we actually notice what we are seeing?

Looking through new eyes can be the point of difference, for the quality of life.

I don’t know about you but life can be so busy we barely have time to think. Let alone really see, when looking. Or we get stuck in our routines and situations, as though we are on autopilot. Going through the motions or at a fast rate of knots, to the point we don’t see what’s within our sight.

Take for instance, if we took the time to notice the effort someone has taken in their appearance, perhaps a new outfit, hairstyle or weight loss. It could be that a person seems sad, weary or in pain. This is an opportunity to make a difference.

We give cues to people all the time, even if not speaking our body language will tell so much. It’s just a matter of noticing what is going on around us. This may not be of any interest to some, but for those who would like a better quality of life it’s something to think about. If so, how much are you missing?

Amazingly, when the smallest change is made, everything else must change around it. Is there room for improvement in your relationships, productivity, well-being or in another area? Think about taking a look, with the intention of seeing.

Watch for breathing; fast, steady, shallow? What about posture; upright, or slouched? Facial expressions; happy, angry, confused? These clues help you make a difference, in a positive, caring, encouraging or supportive way even if it’s just offering a smile, kind word or hug. It could be what turns their day around and in turn, yours also.

Miraculously, the quality of our lives is enriched by taking the opportunity to see through new eyes.

Task: Imagine you are someone else and seeing through their eyes, what do you see now? It’s amazing how you notice the view you’ve forgotten you have or the lawn that needs mowing and so on, a worthwhile exercise.

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