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Appearing as though your life is going well, could give the impression you’ve got it all worked out and life couldn’t be better. Not because you’re trying to fool yourself or anyone around you but because you’re doing your best, under the circumstances, and making the most of what’s going for you.

It could be because you don’t know what else to do (or how), if you were to do something different.

Are you presently in a situation or relationship where you actually want it to work out and are hopeful something will change? You’re hopeful because you are by nature an optimist. Or, obliged because you can’t be the one to let someone down.

The point is, if it doesn’t sit well with you (or line up with your truth) a space is created that can have you feeling unwell, unhappy, confused. The longer you stay there (in this space) the gap gets bigger between that and how your map of the world is meant to be. i.e. your belief of how your life should/could be.

No matter how much you reason with yourself (or perhaps another person). It’s just not a good fit. Regardless of how much you think you want it to work. And this applies to work, relationships, lifestyle. Telling yourself “life’s like that”, and/or “stuff happens”, can only take you so far, but it’s not sustainable.

So how long are you going to stay in this situation and try to either put up with it, or turn yourself inside out, in the hope a miracle will happen? Not that they don’t, I believe they do, just maybe not when or how you want. I’ve learnt, if anything is going to be different in a lasting way, something must shift in you.

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