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Housebound for weeks with our children, what?

It probably works both ways though, as they're not necessarily accustomed to seeing their parents so often because they're working from home or now out of work. Nor have they ever had to do their school work at home, without playtime to look forward to with their buddies.

Imagine how the generations before us managed without the current technology available, but they did and often spent time together as a family, that was the norm. Today 'our new norm' is being educated online, visit, work and have meetings online. I've even developed an online life skills course for students aged 9-13 and will facilitate personally.

So let's remember to really notice those around us and share some quality time, being fully present, actively listening and hugging for no less than 20 seconds,

to release those amazingly healthy, healing delta waves. What else could be better, except of course, world peace.

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