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Escape from feeling trapped in your job.

The mental and emotional weight we all shoulder can seem hard to bear at times. Bombarded in life with increasing responsibilities, pressures and disheartening media stories. Unfortunately, many people feel depressed, trapped and powerless. Adding to these a terrible job and getting out of bed in the morning can be hard.

Choosing a career can be a lifelong process that involves not only a significant amount of time and money, but also a lot of self-exploration. Choosing a career is the kind of goal that we hope to get right the first time. We spend the majority of our day at work. We define ourselves by what we do. And in many ways, our careers determine our lifestyle, our relationships, and our purpose in life.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

• Early start required but you’re a night owl

• Late hour shifts every weekend, but you like to be in bed early

• Your speaking with people most the day but you’re an introvert

• The role involves tasks which you are not skilled in

• The pay does not seem worth the effort

• Your boss is difficult to work with

• Your work colleagues get on your nerves

Falling into a job you grow to hate is easy. It could be that you have no option to be selective due to financial pressures or it could come down to proximity/location. This could mean taking a job working closer to home, to avoid traffic, choosing one near school, day care, public transport or your elderly parents. But eventually settling for less makes you unhappy and not a fun person to be around.

Once committed to a role many of us can not financially afford to leave and feel trapped and helpless.

Change your life and your job

You are more likely to enjoy going to work, or being paid less than is ideal, if you are doing what you love. Otherwise it is soul destroying for you and the ramifications will spread far and wide in your world if you do not set about making changes. Left unchecked it begins to affect your relationships, health and wellbeing.

So get ready to take your first step forward. Understand that your plan needs to be executed in stages in order for you to make the most progress. You cannot do everything at once.

First of all, take a moment to consider what you actually love to do. Give yourself the space to think and breathe well. Is it that you love to garden, sing, bake or read to the blind in hospital because you care? Do you enjoy helping others, working with disabled people, in schools/day care or are you fuelled by fitness?

Ask yourself these questions;

• What would your ideal role/ job/ business look like?

• What is most important thing about that role, i.e. the people, the money, the location the benefits?

• What’s getting in the way of you having it?

• How will you know when you have it?

• When are you going to start enjoying your work, yourself, your life?

This step can be daunting but can provide you the clarity you need to move forward. Include what you must have in order to be happy, where you have flexibility and where you don’t. And be specific!

Talking to a trained expert to untangle problems and feelings can remove the invisible barriers that are holding you back from making change or seeing that you even have an option to change. For clarity, direction, purpose, confidence, self-esteem, worth, values and belief tweaks. Visit my booking page.


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