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Finding clarity in life when you are feeling confused

Humans need the sense of knowing what they’re doing, where they’re going, where they stand with people and/ or like what they’re used to, yet life can get in the way and feel as though they’re bobbing around on the ocean without a raft or life jacket.

Many people are living as they were influenced to live and don’t know it. Feeling they are not quite being who they really are, let alone knowing who that is. We have so much imprinted on us since our childhood and behave in a certain way because ‘that’s how it’s done’ or, ‘what will people think?’ These type of beliefs can be very limiting and often lead to feeling confused or conflicted when making life choices.

Values, cultures, memories all play a part in you being as you are and living as you do. Do you know during the time the caterpillar is in its cocoon it’s doing all the work, yet if sliced open it would look like soup because it’s not ready? It’s in the process of becoming as it was designed to be and until then uncomfortable and in the dark, so to speak - just as you are.

Transform your life

But you have the ability to gain clarity, find your purpose and transform your life, like the butterfly and spread your wings. Set aside those outside influences and the confusion that has pushed your purpose down so many levels that you feel it does not exist. Start with gaining clarity about who you are and what you want, then set some achievable goals to pursue your passions and live on purpose. Change will be evident in your life when you’ve truly found ‘it’.

Sounds easy enough, right? In theory, it is. In reality, most people aren’t willing to go through the self-reflection and growth process to get really clear and solve the feeling of confusion. They fantasise about goals and dreams but never see them through. Many people don’t even know what their dreams are.

The benefit of setting aside time and resources to gaining a sense of clarity in life are:

Frustration ceases when you’re clear because you have less confusion

Having clarity will minimise self-doubt and increase self-confidence

Learn your strengths and work on your weaknesses through self-reflection

Being clear about your goals and plan of action will ease confusion

You can make better (and faster) decisions that are aligned with your core values

Clarity helps when you’re generally stuck in a rut or feeling stuck in life

Clarity brings greater happiness, energy, focus and joy to your life

If you’d like help to get clarity and ease confusion in your life, I can provide guidance to take you to the next level of being who you really are actually meant to be. Your true authentic, wonderful, unique self. See my coaching plans.


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