LIFE HACS (Heart Activated Core Skills)

Does your child feel anxious at times and have difficulties socially, emotionally and behaviourally?

Programme designed for the adolescent years-11 years and older to:


  • Coach students to be more aware and prepared for life

  • Develop confidence and understanding to make wise choices

  • Realise and understand boundaries

  • Know themselves and better understand others

In order to maintain the well-being of our children and ensure they achieve their potential, it is important that we address social, emotional and behavioural challenges.


Free info night for parents to discuss intent, content, and results that will shape your children's lives. Date: 1st June - 7.30pm on Zoom.


In this webinar we will cover the kinds of difficulties that students have, characteristics and behaviours children display and some skills and strategies you can use to support your children. 



  • Julia Taylor-James is currently personally facilitating online workshops through Zoom for up to 50 children at a time through Life HACS LIVE.

  • These 30 minute lessons are supported by a Life HACS teacher’s guidebook. 

  • Lessons include a short film on each topic, and a workbook (in either digital file or printed format), containing visual, audio and kinaesthetic educational activities and tools to create new neural pathways.


Get a sample lesson here.


Due to COVID-19 and the change in the world’s way of learning and communicating, Life HACS is going live with Julia Taylor-James every Monday offering a variety of times to accommodate those with different needs:

  • 9am for those home schooling to start the day with Life Skills

  • 4.30pm a fun way to learn after a day at school to chill out

  • 7pm for parents who’d like to participate, a bonding experience

As many will have found Zoom to be the most useful and well used tool of late, you will know how easy it is to use and for those who have yet to be a part of a platform such as this you will find it to be both flexible and personable.

"Being the facilitator" for these sessions makes perfect sense because I developed the programme and although a labour of love, it is my heart’s desire to share the tools I’ve acquired over the years as a Life Coach. Motivated by my clients often mentioning that they wished they’d learned this information in school.

You will find that your children enjoy the lessons because they’re interactive and thought provoking in a fun and friendly style of teaching.


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"I really like these lessons because they have a good meaning. They teach people to have self-confidence and they teach people that what they think matters and will affect what they do. I have learned a lot from these lessons and always look forward to them."

"My name is Sumayyah and I really like these classes because they help me believe​ in myself and they teach me not to be negative but positive."



  • Audio and visual files are accessible from the online Life HACS members’ area by secure log-in, once access has been arranged.



  • Digital workbooks for students

  • A guide, which links lessons to key curriculum components

  • A personal introduction from author, Julia Taylor-James

  • Access to the audio and visual files from the secure Life HACS area

  • Posters as visual content reminders



  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, pricing is reduced by 50% to $50 per student for the complete set of 10 lessons as well as access to all additional materials. 

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