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Housebound for weeks with your children, what?

Most of us will say we looooooooove our kids and mean it but let's be honest we don't always like their behaviour, especially when we're all cooped up inside together for so long.

Which probably works both ways as they'd rather not be housebound for weeks on end with us, being told they must stop playing/hanging out with their friends or go to the shops. Sports is cancelled and and and..

Lately, we are experiencing 'the new norm' and it's unlikely we'll ever quite go back to how we lived before COID-19. Schools and Universities are educating students at home online, parents are working from home online. I've even developed a life skills course for the 9-14 year aged students, online. Which I will be personally delivering myself. For those interested;

Imagine how we'd manage without the technology we have available currently. That said, the generations before us got by. Bringing me to the point, we must remember quality time is key, so please consciously consider spending those all important moments with your children, fully present, actively listening and hugging for no less than 20 seconds to release those happy, healthy, healing delta waves. Leaving that warm, welcome, worthwhile feeling to make the day feel brighter.

And yes of course, ideally 'world peace':-)


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